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Quonset State Airport
Legislation enacted in 2006 (S.B. 2525) authorizes the state to lease the real property, buildings and facilities at the Quonset State Airport to the United States Air Force for no longer than 40 years for the purpose for making improvements to the infrastructure.

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Planning and Land Use
Rhode Island H.B. 5380 of 2011 makes changes to the state’s planning and land use laws. The measure requires the participation of municipalities in the formulation of state goals and policies in land use regulation. The measure also requires a comprehensive plan, which must include goals, policies and detailed maps which would identify:
1.Natural resources and conservation,
2.Open space and outdoor recreation,
3.Historic and cultural resources,
4.Existing housing patterns,
5.Types and patterns of economic activities with an eye toward economic growth,
6.Services and facilities (infrastructure),
7.Proposed and existing street patterns, mass transit and bikeways,
8.Potential natural hazards, and
9.Future land use.

H.B. 5380 of 2011

Open Space/Conservation

Conservation Easement Statutes
Rhode Island General Laws §34-39-1 et seq. provide for the state’s conservation easement statutes that authorize the creation of permanent easements on real property for conservation and historic preservation purposes.

Rhode Island S.B. 834 of 2011 clarifies the merger of conservation and preservation easements. This measure also provides for judicial review in cases where conservation and preservation easements are terminated or significantly amended.

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S.B. 834 of 2011

Forest Legacy Program
The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s Division of Forest Environment administers the state’s Forest Legacy Program.  The program is intended to protect forest areas that are threatened by conversion to non-forest uses through fee simple title or conservation easement purchases.

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Open Space Bond Initiatives
Rhode Island voters approved the $70 million Open Space, Recreation, Bay and Watershed Protection bond measure in November 2004 by an overwhelming majority.  The measure, which allocates $51 million for land protection, builds upon a $15 million open space bond measure in 1998 and a $34 million bond measure in 2000.

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Possession and Prescription Statute
The Possession and Prescription Statute (Rhode Island General Laws §34-7-9) exempts conservation and open space land held by nonprofit organizations from eminent domain or adverse possession.

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Light Pollution/Dark Night Skies

Rhode Island Revised Statutes § 42-136-4, outdoor lighting control, requires new or replacement permanent outdoor light units by or for a state agency to meet the following conditions: the new or replacement luminare permits are no more than two percent (2%) of the total lumen in the zone of ninety (90) to one hundred eighty (180) degrees vertical angle if the rated output of the lumen is greater than thirty-two hundred (3,200) lumens.

Gen. Law § 42-136-4


Open Space Funding 
In 2000, voters approved $23.5 million for open space acquisition. This measure was referred by the Legislature through Article 5 of H. 7862 (Chapter 55, Acts of 2000). 

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State Contact Information

State Military Liaison 
Lt. Col. Denis Riel, Public Affairs Officer
Rhode Island National Guard
645 New London Avenue
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920-3097
(401) 275-4193

Adjutant General
Major General Kevin R. McBride
Headquarters R I National Guard
Command Readiness Center
645 New London Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920-3097
(401) 275-4102 
(401) 275-4338 fax

Legislative Process Regarding Military POCs
The Adjutant General’s office proactively seeks the introduction of legislation at the state level on issues of relevance to the military and National Guard.  The primary committees addressing military affairs issues are the Senate and House Finance Committees and the House Veteran’s Affairs Committee and the Senate Committee on Special Legislation and Veterans' Affairs.  Other Committees in the Legislature consider legislation on military affairs issues as well.

Committees of Primary Jurisdiction/Legislative Contact
Senate Committee on Special Legislation and Veterans’ Affairs
Senator Walter S. Felag Jr., Chair
51 Overhill Road
Warren, Rhode Island 02885
(401) 245-7521

Ms. Jamie, McCanna Committee Clerk
(401) 222-2381

Senate Committee on Finance
Senator Daniel DaPonte, Chair
Room 211, State House
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 222-3438
(401) 222-4753 fax

Mr. Andrew Caruolo, Committee Clerk
(401) 276-5584

House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs
Representative Jan Malik, Chair
23 Hezekiah Drive 
Warren, RI 02885 
(401) 247-1733

Mr. Jerome A. Squatrito, Jr., Committee Clerk
(401) 222-2933

House Committee on Finance
Representative Raymond E. Gallison Jr., Chair
50 King Philip Avenue 
Bristol, RI 02809 
(401) 253-1852

Mr. Christopher O’Brien, Committee Clerk
(401) 222-6916