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Clean Ohio Fund
In November 2000, Ohio voters approved State Issue 1, a constitutional amendment establishing the Clean Ohio Fund.  The fund is intended to preserve green space and farmland, improve outdoor recreation, and revitalize blighted neighborhoods by cleaning up and redeveloping polluted properties. The fund finances the following four competitive funding programs:

•  The Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program helps to fund preservation of open spaces, sensitive ecological areas, and stream corridors. 
•  The Clean Ohio Agricultural Easement Purchase Program supports the permanent preservation of Ohio’s most valuable farmland through the purchase of development rights. 
•  The Clean Ohio Trails Fund works to improve outdoor recreational opportunities in the state by funding trails for outdoor pursuits of all kinds. 
•  The Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund supports the cleanup of polluted properties so that they can be restored to productive uses. 

Mr. Michael Miller, Director
Ohio Public Works Commission
65 E. State Street, Suite 312
Columbus Ohio 43215
(614) 466-0880
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Conservation Easement Statutes
Ohio Revised Code Annotated §5301.67 et seq. provides for the state’s conservation easement statutes that authorizes the creation of permanent easements on real property for conservation and historic preservation purposes.

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Forest Legacy Program
The Ohio Division of Forestry within the Department of Natural Resources administers the state’s Forest Legacy Program.  The program is intended to protect forest areas that are threatened by conversion to non-forest uses through fee simple title or conservation easement purchases.

Mr. Robert Boyles, Chief
Division of Forestry
2045 Morse Rd.
Building H1
Columbus, Ohio 43229
(614) 265-6694

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NatureWorks Program
The Ohio Parks and Natural Resources Fund (Ohio Revised Code §1557.02) provides funding for natural areas, park and recreation acquisition and development (state and local), water resources, primary dam repair and stream banking programs, conservation and habitat protection, and some health and safety projects. Projects involved in the program, referred to as “NatureWorks,” are funded by general obligation bonds and general fund appropriations.  Local governments are eligible for funding by the program, but are required to provide 25% matching funds for approved projects.  Additionally, projects are required to be completed within two years.

Mary Fitch
ODNR Office of Real Estate

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State Contact Information

Military Liaison POC
Dan Roche, Major, Ohio ANG
Government Affairs Officer
Office of the Adjutant General
2825 W. Dublin-Granville Rd.
Columbus, OH 43235
DSN: 346.7269
Comm: 614.336.7269
Blackberry: 614.496.3807

Adjutant General
Major General Mark E. Bartman, Ohio ANG
2825 W. Dublin-Granville Rd.
Columbus, OH 43235
DSN: 346-7070
Comm: 614-336-7070
Blackberry: 614-598-0370

Legislative Process Regarding Military POCs
Committees of primary jurisdiction over military affairs issues are the Senate Committee on State and Local Government and Veterans Affairs; the House Committee on Infrastructure, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs; and the House Committee on State Government and Elections.  Military issues are spread across a number of other committees as well.  

Committees of Primary Jurisdiction/Legislative Contact
Senate Committee on State and Local Government and Veterans Affairs
Senator Frank LaRose, Chair
Senate Building 
1 Capitol Square, 2nd Floor 
Columbus, OH 43215 
(614) 466-4823

House Committee on Veterans Affairs
Representative Terry Johnson, Chair
77 South High Street, 13th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6111
(614) 466-2124

House Committee on State Government
Representative Terry Blair, Chair
77 S. High St 
11th Floor 
Columbus, OH 43215 
Phone (614) 466-6504