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Eminent Domain
Nevada A.J.R. 3 received final approval from the Nevada Legislature for inclusion on the 2010 ballot during the 2009 legislative session.  It proposes an amendment to the Nevada Constitution to prohibit, except in certain circumstances, the taking of private property if the purpose of the taking is to transfer an interest in that property to another private party.

The ballot initiative was defeated in the 2010 General Election. The amendments were not made to the Constitution. 

Nevada A.J.R. 3

Open Space/Conservation

Uniform Conservation Easement Act
Nevada Revised Statutes §111.390 et seq. provide for the state’s Uniform Conservation Easement Act, which authorizes the creation of permanent easements on real property for conservation and historic preservation purposes.

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Wind and Solar Zoning Restrictions
Nevada Revised Statute 278.01077 provides that, for zoning of wind energy, in addition to the currently reasonable restrictions relating to height, noise or safety, reasonable restrictions on the use of a system for obtaining wind energy may include restrictions relating to location and appearance. The statute also authorizes the imposition of reasonable restrictions relating to the appearance, height, location, noise or safety of a system for obtaining solar energy.

Nevada Revised Statute 278.01077
Nevada A.B. 122 of 2011


Conservation and Resource Protection 
In 2002, voters approved Ballot Question #1, which authorized up to $200 million in general obligation bonds to be used by state agencies and local jurisdictions to "protect, preserve, and obtain the benefits of the property and natural resources" of Nevada.

The Division of State Lands
Ballot Question #1
Nevada Division of State Lands Question #1 Information Page

Joint Military Affairs Committee
The Joint Military Affairs Committee meets on a semi-annual basis to address issues related to military bases.  The Committee includes military installation commanders, the Nevada National Guard, the Office of the Governor and several relevant state agencies, including the Division of State Lands, the State Energy Office and the Division of Environmental Protection.

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Skip Canfield
Nevada Division of State Lands
901 S. Stewart St, Ste 5003
Carson City, NV 89701-5246 
(775) 684-2723

Governor’s Military Council
The Governor’s Military Council works to identify opportunities and prioritize recommendations with respect to how best to retain and continue to build the State’s current military force capabilities and infrastructure. The Council will also work to increase these efforts through increased coordination of State government’s efforts to meet the needs of these defense resources in the State. The Council was established through executive order.

The Military Council website
The Executive Order 2013-14

State Contact Information

Adjutant General (also serves as Governor’s Military Advisor)
Brigadier General William Burks, Adjutant General
Office of the Adjutant General
2460 Fairview Drive
Carson City, Nevada 89701-6807
(775) 887-7302
(775) 887-7322 fax 

Legislative Process Regarding Military POCs
The Joint Military Affairs Committee meets on a semi-annual basis to address issues related to military bases. 

Committees of Primary Jurisdiction/Legislative Contact
Senate Committee on Government Affairs
Senator David Parks, Chairman
P.O. Box 71887
Las Vegas, NV 89170
(702) 736-6929

Ms. Julie Newman, Committee Manager
(775) 684-1424

Assembly Committee on Government Affairs
Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson, Chair
P.O. Box 20637
Reno, NV 89515-0637

Ms. Bonnie Hoffecker, Committee Manager
(775) 684-8868