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Land Use Planning Around Military Installations
Under LB 279 of 2010, when a city, municipality, or county considers adopting zoning ordinances or approving real estate development, the locality must notify any military installation located in the corporate boundary limits or the locality’s zoning jurisdiction. Written notice must be provided at least ten days prior to the board meeting that the proposal will be considered. 

L.B. 279 of 2010

Open Space/Conservation

Conservation and Preservation Easements Act
Nebraska Revised Statutes §76-2111 et seq. provide for the state’s conservation easement statutes that authorizes the creation of permanent easements on real property for conservation and historic preservation purposes.

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Forest Legacy Program
The Nebraska Forest Service administers the state’s Forest Legacy Program.  The program is intended to protect forest areas that are threatened by conversion to non-forest uses through fee simple title or conservation easement purchases.

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Nebraska Environmental Trust
The Nebraska Environmental Trust Act (Nebraska Revised Statutes §81-15,167 et seq.) was enacted in 1992 to complement existing governmental and private efforts by encouraging and leveraging the use of private resources on environmental needs with the greatest potential impact on future environmental quality in the state.  The Act created the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund, which receives at least $9.7 million annually for grant assistance through a portion of profits of the Nebraska Lottery. These monies are used as an incentive for both public and private groups to focus efforts and resources on the highest priority environmental needs of the state emphasizing the acquisition of land in order to preserve wetlands and other areas critical to rare or endangered species.

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Non-Game and Endangered Species Program
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission oversees the state’s Non-Game and Endangered Species Program.  The program, originally authorized by legislation enacted in 1975 (Nebraska Revised Statutes §37-801 et seq.), established the policy that the state shall conserve non-game species, and species determined to be endangered or threatened, for human enjoyment, for scientific purposes, and to ensure their continued existence as a part of our natural world.  The legislation authorized the Commission to acquire land or aquatic habitat for species conservation.  In addition to state general fund appropriations, the program is funded through a state income tax check-off for non-game wildlife.

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State Contact Information

Adjutant General
Major General Daryl L. Bohac, Adjutant General
Nebraska Military Department
1300 Military Road
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508-1040
(402) 309-7210  

Legislative Process Regarding Military POCs
The Senate Committee on Government, Military and Veteran’s Affairs handles all issues related to military affairs.  The Adjutant General serves as the liaison to the state Legislature.  

Committees of Primary Jurisdiction/Legislative Contact
Senate Committee on Government, Military and Veterans’ Affairs
Senator Bill Avery, Chair
State Capitol, Room 1114
Lincoln, Nebraska  68509
(402) 471-2633