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Enhanced Planning Communication and Notification
Act 787 of 2004 (Louisiana Revised Statutes §33.4734) requires a local governing authority considering any action to be taken on an application for a zoning request or variance affecting property within 3,000 feet of the boundary of a military installation to notify the commander of the installation 30 days in advance of taking such action.

L.R.S. §33.4734

Eminent Domain Restrictions Resulting from the Kelo Decision
Two constitutional amendments were approved by the citizens of Louisiana in September 2006 that stemmed from the 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision for Kelo v. New London.  The amendments, as laid forth in Legislative Act 851 of the 2006 Regular Session, prohibit the taking of property by the state or its political subdivisions for “predominant use by any private person or entity, or for transfer of ownership to any private person or entity.”

Act 851 of 2006
Section 4 of the Louisiana Constitution 

Prohibition of Construction of Solid Waste facility Near Airport
Louisiana S.B. 196 of 2008 and S.B. 383 of 2008 prohibit the construction or expansion of any solid waste or recycling facility within 5,000 feet of any airport serving piston-powered planes or within 10,000 feet of any airport serving turbine-powered planes. This applies only in parishes with populations at least 70,000 people and no more than 75,000 people. 

S.B. 196 of 2008 
S.B. 383 of 2008

Places Power of Costal Protection in the Executive Branch
Louisiana S.B. 367 of 2008 places powers of coastal protection in the Executive branch to be allocated as the Governor sees fit. It requires the formation of a master plan and corresponding annual plans to address coastal catastrophic event protection and restoration. It allows the Executive branch to enter into federal contracts and agreements as necessary. It also establishes the Coastal Protection Authority and Authority membership. 

S.B. 367 of 2008

Advance Notice of Zoning Requests
Louisiana S.B. 722 of 2008 requires a local governing authority to provide a commander of an installation at least 30 days advance notice on action regarding a zoning request within 3,000 feet of an installation and to give at least 90 days notice before acting on a request. 

S.B. 722 of 2008

Open Space/Conservation

Forest Legacy Program
The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry has oversight over the state’s Forest Legacy program.  The program encourages and supports the acquisition of conservation easements that generally restrict development, require sustainable forestry practices, and protect other values.

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Louisiana Conservation Servitude Act
The Louisiana Conservation Servitude Act (Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:1271 et seq.) authorizes a landowner to enter into an agreement with the government or a qualified non-profit organization to retain or protect the land’s natural habitat, open space, scenic, educational, recreational, historical or cultural values.

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Louisiana Military Advisory Council
The Louisiana Military Advisory Council was established by H.B. 936 of 2012. The Council replaced the now defunct Governor’s Military Advisor Board and is a standing committee of the Louisiana Department of Economic Development. The Council is a 25-member panel comprised of the governor and other elected officials or their appointees, as well as members of local advocacy groups who monitor military installations. The Council’s duties include:

Proposing and sponsoring activities, legislation, initiatives, programs, or projects which support and enhance the military's activities within the state or which enhance or improve the quality of life for the military communities.
Collecting information about and becoming familiar with the concerns and activities of local communities in enhancing and supporting their respective military bases.
Conducting analysis of the strengths of each military base and sharing the evaluation with the affected community. 

H.B. 936 of 2012
L.R.S. § 29.61 et seq.

State Contact Information

Military Liaison POC
Major General Stephen C. Dabadie, Assistant, Adjutant General 
Building 1, Jackson Barracks
New Orleans, Louisiana 70126
(504) 278-8216
(504) 278-6554 fax

​Military Advisory Council
Paul Sawyer, Executive Director
Post Office Box 94185
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
(225) 342-5443

Adjutant General
Major General Glenn H. Curtis, Adjutant General 
Louisiana National Guard
Camp Beauregard 
304 F Street 
Pineville, LA 71360 
(318) 641-3858 

State Military Liaison
Brigadier General Barry D. Keeling
Louisiana National Guard
Building 35, Jackson Barracks
6400 St. Claude Ave
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117
(504) 278-8796

Legislative Process Regarding Military POCs
The Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs and the House Committee on House and Governmental Affairs have jurisdiction over issues regarding intergovernmental relations between Louisiana and the United States government.  In the Executive Branch, the Governor’s Military Advisory Board was recreated by Executive Order 04-41 in 2004 to address issues pertaining to military installations in the state.  Colonel Tim Chastain serves in the Office of the Adjutant General as the point of contact for the State Legislature on military and National Guard issues.  

Committees of Primary Jurisdiction/Legislative Contact
Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs
Senator Jody Amedee, Chair
2109 S. Burnside Ave. 
Suite A
Gonzales, LA 70737
(225) 644-1526

Ms. Ashley Menou., Attorney
(225) 342-0599

Ms. Laur'en Marinovich, Secretary
(225) 342-9845

Senate Select Committee on Homeland Security
Senator Sherri Smith Buffington, Chair
9973 Mansfield Road
Keithville, LA 71047
(318) 687-4820

J.W. Wiley, Senate Counsel
(225) 342-2108

House Committee on House and Governmental Affairs
Representative Timothy G. "Tim" Burns, Chair
2090 Woodrow Street
Suite A
Mandeville, LA 70448 (985)624-4492

Ms. Patricia Lowrey, Senior Legislative Analyst
(225) 342-2396

Mr. Mark Mahaffey, Attorney
(225) 342-2598

Mr. Shawn O’Brien, Secretary 
(225) 342-2403