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Land Use Planning Around Military Installations
The County Air Corridor Protection Act (Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 620 §§52/1 et seq.) authorizes any county with a United States Air Force installation with runways of at least 7,500 feet in length to protect the safety of the community by controlling the use of land around that installation. The county's land use authority is limited to the area designated in the Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) Study adopted by the United States Air Force for that installation and the runways it occupies or uses.  The Act further specifies that if a land use exists or a municipality approves a land use that is incompatible with the Air Installation Compatible Use Zone Study, and any portion of the affected land is within areas designated in the AICUZ Study as clear zones and runway protection zones, accident potential zones I, or accident potential zones II, or is within the 65 decibel A weighted noise contour, the county may use eminent domain to acquire either the fee simple title to that portion of the affected land or the easement rights in that portion of the affected land that are necessary for the compatible land use defined under the AICUZ Study.  If a municipality within those zones controls the use of land in a manner compatible with the AICUZ Study, the county does not have eminent domain authority.

620 ILCS 52/1 et seq.

Interagency Military Base Support and Economic Development Committee
Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 20 §605-215 (S.B. 1354 of 2005) provides for the Interagency Military Base Support and Economic Development Committee within the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to coordinate the state's activities on and to act as a communications center for issues relating to military base closures in the state.  The Committee is tasked with providing advice and recommendations to the Department on the following:

•  The formation of a strategic plan for state and local military base retention, realignment, and reuse efforts;
•  The issues impacting current and former military bases in the state, including infrastructure requirements, environmental impact issues, military force structure possibilities, tax implications, property considerations, and other issues requiring state agency coordination and bases in the state support;
•  The status of community involvement and participation in retention, realignment, and reuse efforts and the community support for economic development before and after a military base closing;
•  The state’s retention, realignment and reuse advocacy efforts on the federal level;
•  The development of impact studies concerning the closing of a base on the community, housing, the economy, schools, and other public and private entities, including additional economic development ideas to minimize the impact in the event of the base closing; and
•  The development of future economic expansion plans for areas that are subject to closure or realignment.

20 ILCS 605/605-215

Open Space/Conservation

Habitat Fund
The Habitat Endowment Act (520 Illinois Compiled Statutes 25/1 et seq.) established the Habitat Fund in 1996 to preserve, protect, acquire, and manage habitat for future generations.  The fund, administered by the Department of Natural Resources, is financed primarily by fees from the sale of State Habitat Stamps and artwork and the sale of “Sportsmen Series” license plates.  Eligible recipients of monies from the fund are limited to any appropriate not-for-profit organization or government agency that has the expertise, equipment, adequate staff/workforce and permission from the landowner (if applicable) to develop and/or manage habitat.

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Natural Areas Acquisition Fund
As part of the Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Program, the Natural Areas Acquisition Fund was created in 1989 to be used by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for the acquisition, preservation and stewardship of natural areas, including habitats for endangered and threatened species, high quality natural communities, wetlands, and other areas with unique or unusual natural heritage qualities.

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Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Program
The Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Program is a state-financed program created under Public Act 84-109 (525 Illinois Compiled Statutes 35/1 et seq.). The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is charged with providing grants “for the capital development and improvement of park, recreation or conservation areas, marina and shoreline…and for the acquisition of open space lands.” The program provides funding assistance to local government agencies both for acquisition and development of land for public parks and open space.

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Partners for Conservation Program
The General Assembly approved legislation in 2007 (Public Act 095-0139) that revised statutes pertaining to the Conservation 2000 program by renaming it as the “Partners for Conservation” program.  The program, originally created in 1995, is intended to promote ecosystem-based management of privately held land in a public-private partnership. The Fund provides money for nine programs across three state agencies:  Department of Natural Resources; the state Environmental Protection Agency; and the Department of Agriculture. The funding is to be used for purposes relating to natural resource protection, planning, recreation, tourism, and compatible agricultural and economic development activities.  The Partners for Conservation program and related funds will receive $14 million annually from the state general fund through 2021.

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Real Property Conservation Rights Act
765 Illinois Compiled Statutes 120/0.01 et  seq. provide for the state’s conservation easement statutes that authorizes the creation of permanent easements on real property for conservation and historic preservation purposes.

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Executive Order on Land Use Planning and Military Installation Compatibility
Governor Rod Blagojevich issued Executive Order Number 4 of 2005 directing all state land-use planning agencies to coordinate with Illinois military installations in order to maintain and improve the bases’ military value.

Executive Order on Land Use Planning and Military Installation Compatibility

Conservation Efforts 
•  Illinois Conservation Foundation established by law in 1994, “has raised nearly $10 million to support worthwhile projects and programs to benefit people today and in future generations." 
•  Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program was created in 1998 "through an agreement with the State of Illinois and the USDA Commodity Credit Corporation to reduce sediment and nutrient content while enhancing wildlife habitats for threatened and endangered species in the Illinois River Watershed."

Illinois Conservation Foundation

Illinois Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

State Contact Information

Military Liaison POC
Mr. Tony Kolbeck, Legislative Liaison
Department of Military Affairs
1301 North MacArthur Boulevard
Springfield, Illinois 62702-2399
(217) 761-3569
(217) 761-3381 fax

Adjutant General
Brigadier General Daniel M. Krumrei, Adjutant General
Department of Military Affairs
1301 North MacArthur Boulevard
Springfield, Illinois 62702-2399
(217) 761-3500 
(217) 761-3736 fax

Legislative Process Regarding Military POCs
The Senate Committee on State Government and the House Committee on Veterans Affairs serve as committees of primary jurisdiction over military affairs issues.  Numerous committees, however, hear legislation on military affairs issues.  Mr. Tony Kolbeck serves as the legislative liaison for the Departments of Military Affairs and Veterans’ Affairs.

Committees of Primary Jurisdiction/Legislative Contact
Senate Committee on State Government and Veterans’ Affairs
Senator Steven M. Landek, Chairman
113 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-0054 

House Committee on Veterans Affairs 
Representative Linda Chapa LaVia, Chairperson
229-E Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 558-1002
(217) 782-0927 FAX

Armed Forces & Military Affairs Committee
Representative Eddie Lee Jackson, Chairman
200-7S Stratton Office Building
Springfield, Illinois 62706
(217) 782-5951
(217) 782-8794 fax