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Eminent Domain Restrictions Resulting from the Kelo Decision
Legislation enacted in 2006 (Chapter 84) prohibits the state or a municipality from exercising the right of eminent domain for the purpose of economic development.

Chapter 84 of 2006

Legislation enacted in 2009 (Chapter 51) prohibits the use of eminent domain for taking a recreational structure to build another recreational structure. 

Chapter 51 of 2009

Establishment of a Special Operations Extreme Environmental Testing and Training Center in the North Slope Region
Legislation enacted in 2012 (HR 12) encourages the Governor to represent the State to the United States Department of Defense to establish a special operations extreme environment testing facility in the North Slope region of the State. The legislation outlines the potential benefits of having such a facility including training in the unique environment, and having varied geographical areas which could aid in training various approaches by air, sea, and land.

HR 12

Military Facility Zones in the State
Legislation enacted in 2012 (HB 316) includes updates to definitions for notice for applications for military facility zones. Additional notice must be given through the Alaska Online Public Notice System. The legislation also includes modifications to the definition of projects to include infrastructure for an area that is designated as a military facility zone.

HB 316

Open Space/Conservation

Uniform Conservation Easement Act
Alaska Statutes §34.17.010 et seq. provide for the state’s Uniform Conservation Easement Act, which authorizes the creation of permanent easements on real property for conservation and historic preservation purposes.

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Forest Legacy Program
Alaska’s Forest Legacy program, under the administration of the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, protects environmentally important forest lands threatened with conversion to non-forest use, such as a residential subdivision or commercial development. Management of lands placed under the program would allow continued use of regular forest activities through the use of conservation easements.  The conservation easements provide for certain land use restrictions and maintain the forest intact to provide for traditional forest uses.

Ms. Samantha Carroll, Alaska FLP State Coordinator  
Alaska State Parks 
550 W. 7th Ave., Suite 1380 
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3561  
(907) 269-8425 
Fax: (907) 269-5673

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Alaska Military Force Advocacy and Structure Team (AMFAST)
The Alaska Military Force Advocacy and Structure Team was established by Executive Order 253. The AMFAST provides provide recommendations to the Governor on how best to retain and build on the State's current military force capability, to propose strategies for acquiring future missions and infrastructure that will benefit the United States' national security, and provide state residents with economic opportunity. The Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs chairs the AMFAST. AMFAST has a sunset date of 12/3/2014 unless renewed by the Governor.

The AMFAST released two strategic plans in 2010 for short term and long term goals for military missions in the state, acquiring expanded or new military missions, and to better coordinate infrastructure development to maximize federal military investment in Alaska.

The AMFAST was also tasked with finding a lobbyist/consultant to help promote the interest of Alaska with the recent BRAQ realignments.

Short-Term Strategic Plan (2010)
Long-Term Strategic Plan (2010)
Executive Order 253
The AMFAST website

State Contact Information

Military Liaison POC
Mr. McHugh Pierre, Deputy Commissioner
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
(907) 428-6003
(907) 428-6019 fax
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Major Guy Hayes, Chief of Public Affairs
Alaska National Guard 

Ms. Kalei Brooks, State Public Information Officer
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Bldg. 49000, Camp Denali Armory
P.O. Box 5800
Fort Richardson, Alaska 99505
(907) 428-6031
(907) 428-6035 fax
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Adjutant General
Brigadier General Thomas H. Katkus, Adjutant General
Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs 
PO Box 5800 Camp Denali 
Fort Richardson, Alaska 99505-5800
(907) 428-6003
(907) 428-6019 fax 

Legislative Process Regarding Military POCs
The House has established a Military and Veterans’ Affairs Special Committee, and the House and Senate have established Military and Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittees. These Committees will address most military and veterans issues that the Legislature considers.

Committees of Primary Jurisdiction/Legislative Contact
Representative Steve Thompson, Chair
House Military and Veterans’ Affairs, Finance Subcommittee
State Capitol, Room 500
Juneau, Alaska 99801-1182

Senator Click Bishop, Chair 
Senate Military and Veterans’ Affairs, Finance Subcommittee
State Capitol, Room 115
Juneau, Alaska, 99801-1182
(907) 465-2327

Representative Neal Foster, Co-Chair 
House Military and Veterans Affairs Special Committee
State Capitol, Room 434
Juneau, Alaska 99801-1182
(907) 465-3789

Representative Gabrielle LeDoux 
House Military and Veterans Affairs Special Committee
State Capitol, Room 416
Juneau, Alaska 99801-1182
(907) 465-4998